Thredbo Alpine Village – NSW Australia

Thredbo Alpine Village is probably the best resort in the south-east New South Wales. It is an alignment of resorts and accommodation that resembles the stereotype Alpine village with European ambience. Quaint and picturesque, it snuggles along the Thredbo River into the slopes of Australia’s highest mountains, and it possesses all the facilities and skiing amenities you would expect to find in a modern village. Thredbo is just a portion of the lovely Kosciuszko National Park made up of 690,000 hectares of Alpine terrain.

The village has been in existence for over 50 years, and the last fifteen years enormous effort has been geared towards the development specifically on facilities and skiing infrastructure.Thredbo has the slopes to ascertain its high status as a true ski resort. Incidentally the longest ski run in Australia called the Funnelweb, is found here standing at over three kilometres long. The quality of its’ slopes draws international events every winter, and visitors enjoy FIS approved downhill racecourse with accessible trails of over seventy kilometres.THREDBO

There are many places to stay, play and pray, all found easily in the 1000-hectares cosy resort. Slope-side is event central all seasons of the year, and the other side of the snowy mountain is full of amenities, modern services as well as has an excellent village atmosphere.

Thredbo offers both affordable and luxurious accommodation, which is part of the reason it acts as a base to Kosciuszko National Park. Options range from apartments, trip parks and recreation centres, for a more traditional alternative, splurge and stay a few nights in a cosy chalet. The warm and comfortable accommodation in Thredbo is sure to make a visitor’s stay an enjoyable as well as a pleasant one.
The best part of Thredbo Alpine Village is that it is a resort village for all seasons of the year, each coupled with its own remarkable distinct features. The calm chilly winter winds bring cold snowfalls that blanket the park and mountain, and soon slopes start buzzing with many snow lovers.
When spring season arrives, the snow slowly thaws to reveal the lush green trails perfect for hikers and bikers as well as the sleepy flora transforms into a big carpet of colour – bluebells, delicate chamomile, yellow kunzea and other varieties of daisy. The unique mountain park environment has many cultural events to suit all. Travelling by road to Thredbo is the best choice because it implies you get to travel alongside the Snowy Mountain foothills gazing upon this spectacular scenic route allowing one to explore the area in its full glory. Not only can one marvel at the altitude and spectacle of the mountains, but also around every twist, there are many towns bursting with both historical and cultural stories. Travelling by road allows one to take his/her time and explore the grace and beauty that this intriguing region presents.

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By the climax of summer, walking boots and backpacks are the norm of he day with Thredbo and also the Main Mountain Range bustling with many explorers colour. Summertime in the snowy mountains becomes all about relaxation as well as enjoying the attractive alpine world occasioned by summer events for example the Blues Festival that happens in January, Country Music that happens in February and also the Jazz Festival that happens in May. Remarkably, not every winter adventure offered involves frolicking in the snow. During a visit, you should check the amazing Thredbo Leisure Centre, which has a variety of fitness activities, like a heated Olympic-sized swimming pool. Go back outdoors to find fishing, quad biking, horse riding and bike riding adventures. The whole family gets involved, while you revel in the fresh mountain air.

Thredbo has seventeen ski lifts where the slopes or the ski instructors tend to beginner level boarders and skiers. Thredbo is occasioned by daytime activities, but during the night time buzzes. The nightclubs and bars are full with holiday makers revelling after a tiresome day on the slopes keen to party all night. If your partying days are over you can enjoy a quiet dinner in the restaurants and later have a bottle or two of your favourite drink then resort to your room. Everybody is well catered for in the Thredbo Alpine Village.

thredboFor the active men and women and sporting enthusiasts will find a challenging nine hole golf course found right in the village quite an excellent distraction.Also, available are tennis courts, mountain biking, Olympic pool, fishing and nature walks to Mt Kosciuszko on the top of an eagles nest. Once you come to in Thredbo, you become struck with the charm and also appeal of the snowy Alpine village. There is a lot of winter activities the whole family can engage in, including, but not limited to traditional skiing and snowboarding. There are sufficient facilities to accommodate your skiing lessons and personal equipment, all these ensures that your skiing and snow experience is an entertaining one.

There is a flowering season though short, only lasts from start of January to mid-March. Driving to the tip of Mount Kosciusko was possible only a couple of years ago, however the heavy traffic caused a lot environmental damage leading to the road to be closed near Charlotte Pass now you have to walk up the 8 kilometres of steep terrain to the top. A more worthwhile approach is travelling from Crackenback chairlift near Thredbo, over the beautiful alpine moorland via the headwaters at the Snowy River and over the big granite boulders near the Ramshead Range all the way to the summit. The walk takes 6.5 kilometres both ways, and one can enjoy panoramic views of these Alps and also the Victorian high plains.

The location and elevation of Thredbo make it perfect for the natural occurrence heaps of natural snow. The altitude means that snowing starts earlier and also stays longer than most areas however as with most resorts Thredbo are under the control of the weather elements but to the advantage the Thredbo proprietors who have invested a lot in a big snowmaking ecosystem and continue tireless to do so encourage a trip to the resort making it a safe bet even during adverse seasons.

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