Elevation 8
The place was absolutely beautiful

The place was absolutely beautiful. Great sized bedrooms, the spa was a must after a hard day skiing and the balcony was fantastic.

Stayed 06/09/2013 to 09/09/2013

by Narelle Smith

Average Guest Rating: 5/5
Snowman 1
Beautifully appointed apartment

Beautifully appointed apartment and very well thought out. We did not think about in-house entertainment until we arrived but it was a delightful surprise and the kids loved it!

Everything was fantastic I would say however, the tone of the instructions in housekeeing book could have been a little less rude. Not everyone mistreats other people's property and we don't need to be spoken to like morons. But otherwise great.
Stayed 03/08/2014 to 08/08/2014

by Sharon Hatton

Average Guest Rating: 4.4/5
Snowman 4
All good

All good but I would have the owners remove the moose head above the fire place as I was cleaning the fire place and vacuuming the carpet around the fire basket I stood up and hit the moose and cut my ear lob.

Stayed 01/11/2013 to 03/11/2013

by Brad Day

Average Guest Rating: 4.8/5
I would definitely stay at this residence again.

This was a fantastic holiday. The house was very warm and had everything we needed. We had 2 x families staying at the property and it was easily large enough to accommodate us all including 2 x refrigerators.

Cooking facilities were fantastic with the large cooktop and dishwasher was great. The house is number 19 which would have helped to know before arrival as we couldn't see the name of the premises as we arrived after dark.

There were 2 x toboggans at the residence which got used out the back of the house by the children who loved it. The booking process worked well and there were no hickups and the best of all was the snow!!!! 15-20 cm on the last night. I would definitely stay at this residence again.
Stayed 13/07/2014 to 18/07/2014

by Lachlan BASTIAN

Average Guest Rating: 4.1/5
Blues Air 1
Fantastic Lodge

Fantastic Lodge - great facility
no problem at all -
thank you

Stayed 31/07/2015 to 02/08/2015

by Simon Hopkins

Average Guest Rating: 4.8/5

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