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Thredbo Accommodation and Reservations, Discover Thredbo www.thredbo.com is Thredbo’s largest individual manager of self-contained properties in Thredbo and has been in operation since 2001. We have been property owners in the village since 1997 and prior to that members of Thredbo ski lodges.

This website is owned and operated by Where Do You Wanna Go Pty Ltd who specializes in the rental and management of holiday homes in the snowy mountains. please note that this website is NOT the official website of the operator of the Thredbo Resort, Kosciuszko Thredbo, and is not approved, endorsed, or sponsored by them. For more information on Where Do You WannaGo Pty Ltd please visit www.thredbo.com/about

Our company Discover Thredbo, pioneered accommodation for rent via the internet in Thredbo and the snowy mountains and leads the way in the presentation of our properties online at our various websites with the ability to check availability and pricing, book, and pay. Our company manages more than 40 properties in Thredbo and has provided booking and accommodation services in Thredbo since 2001. In 2013/2014 we successfully defended our rights in the Federal Court of Australia to use the word Thredbo in our business names and in our marketing with an emphatic win.

It is now and has always been our goal to deliver holiday rental properties that are superior in functionality and presentation over all others. At our websites, your property clearly displays what is being offered, floor plans, virtual tours, and multiple images of the property.


How our customers rate our business

The feedback from guests is the most important element in operating a property management business anywhere. The statistics below are a 100%, up to date representation of surveys from our guests since November 2012 and reflect the good, the bad and of course the opinions of those in between. We at Discover Thredbo are pleased to be able to present this ever-changing information to you for the betterment of your accommodation booking decision.

Property Survey

Would you stay the in the same property again?:8.5/10

Our average cleanliness on arrival rating:8.5/10

Was our clients expectations met:8.4/10

Was the property value For Money:7.5/10

How did our clients rate the Booking Process:8.3/10

Our Consultants Knowledge of the properties:8.5/10

Would Recommend us to your friends?:9.3/10

How does our accommodation Thredbo make your stay in the area memorable and comfortable?

Range of options: From spacious 2 and 3 bedroom chalets to cozy studio apartments, we have them all, so that you do not have to cram your loved ones into a small space or compromise on family time by living in separate rooms of a lodge or hotel.

Strategically located: All of our properties are chosen for their proximity to the various attractions of Thredbo. In fact, with some of our chalets, you could ski right down to the door of the house.

Extraordinary standards of service: We pride ourselves in setting service standards in the hospitality business of Thredbo. We have clients who have been using our services for years and this stands as a testament to our commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.

Well maintained: All of our chalets and apartments are superlatively maintained. This means that you can expect all the modern amenities including WiFi, cable TV, coffee maker and more when spending your holidays at one of our rentals.

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COVID-19 Policy Update:
All our properties are now available for rental. View our updated cancellation policy as well as new safety measures to protect our guests and team while we continue our accepting guests throughout this challenging time.